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Theft Insurance

1.  What is Theft Insurance?

Theft Insurance covers burglaries and robberies. Burglary is defined to mean the unlawful taking of property within premises that have been closed and in which there are visible marks evidencing forcible entry. Robbery is defined as that type of unlawful taking of property in which another person is threatened by either force or violence. 

2.  Who needs Theft Insurance?

Most businesses need this insurance. More often than not, general insurance policies cover basics and this cover will protect you over items and stock that has not been specified on other policies.

3.  Why should you take out Theft Insurance?

Having to replace items can be incredibly costly and it is often cheaper to insure items than having to replace them. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your business is protected.

4.  How much does Theft Insurance cost?

We have a large book of clients with many different insurance companies, so we will be able to find the most beneficial policy with the cheapest premiums for your business

5.  Typical Claims incurred on Theft Insurance policies

The most common and expensive claims come from burglars breaking into your premises and stealing stock. The tricky part is to remember that your items can also be stolen whilst in transit or at the home of employees etc.  Let us advise you on common claims and how our clients were protected against all forms of theft.

6.  What other insurance should be considered along with Theft Insurance?

It should be noted that your policy does not include coverage for loss or damage from fire or explosion, loss or damage of glass or loss or damage to any money, currency, cheques, current stamps, certificates, postal orders and so forth. Please note this does not include electronic equipment, documents, manucripts, business books, computer system records and media, plans, designs, patterns, models or moulds.

It is very important that you have additional coverage and we can certainly tailor package everything to your needs.

One should certainly look at Business Insurance, Business Interruption, Office Contents Insurance, Money Insurance and Personal Insurance.


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